Monday, September 5, 2011

A sunny day in Lynnwood

It has been awhile since I have written.  Live can get in the way and I just can't seem to sit still long enough to write anything.  I am currently involved with a group online can Roses on the Table and I am participating in 3 swaps.  One is Tag Art, ATC's and Inchies.  Right now I am finishing up on the Tag Art and am ready to send it off.  I'll be posting them later.

Today is my grandson's 11th birthday and he is getting so old.  He is just 3 inches shorted than me and he is so responsible.  He is the tech guru.  I just have let go of the idea that an 11 year knows more than I do.  A times they are a changin'.

I just finished making some pages that are going into a book for a fellow artists.  She is ill and a group of us are putting together something to hopefully lift her spirits.  


  1. Those are beautiful Shelley! I want to start over at Roses, I'm signed up as a member but have so much catching up to do since our classes it may be awhile. Starting to get my family room painted by one of my sons which means I must clean it out and de-junk to start and then finish a giveaway project, a class at Gail's Shabby Cottage that I won and a French theme swap bottle to finish, so when I'm caught up you will see me ! Hugs and thanks for stopping by! I'll try and blog about you so you can get acquainted with more artsy followers if you would like maybe some will stop for a visit! Hugs and all is looking great!

  2. Yea you put your pretty pages on. They are really pretty. We are busy little beavers aren't we ? You got the Roses thingie on. I knew you could do it. xoxox